Our business philosophy is in our name. The word MMOYO comes from "moyo", which is Swahili for "heart". We do what we do from the heart and with great enthusiasm. It is the only way to achieve the best results. That is also why we do not offer standard services: we would rather respond to the customer’s needs. If we can meet them, we will do it with passion and conviction.


From heavy-duty safes to a tropical beach

If a customer asks us to convert the entrance hall of its business premises into a white beach with palm trees, we ask for the address and we will go and take a look. Even on the way there, we will start to figure out the technical aspects of the project. The next day we may be asked to move and install a batch of heavy-duty safes, which we will be happy to do. With such a mindset, a business will automatically attract a range of ambitious and varied assignments, which is exactly what makes our job so fascinating.