Onze Mensen

A century of experience

MMOYO has twelve employees and eight people working on a project basis.

Together the four owners – Kris, Sandra, Mil and Paul – offer more than 100 years of experience in the logistics sector.

MMOYO in the right place

Finding the right staff is not easy, but it can be done. We always think carefully about the profile we need for a job. What type of person do we want exactly? It is not enough that a candidate is fit and technically skilled with the correct driving licence. He or she should also be able to work in a solution-oriented way. Above all, candidates should have their "moyo" – their heart – in the right place! They must be passionate about their work. And they have to be able to work together, because that is how you can build a strong team of motivated people.  Find out more about the meaning of MMOYO?

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You can’t learn passion

Because we take on such a wide range of assignments, MMOYO does not often find the combinations of technical skills it needs on the labour market. That is why we are so keen to invest in training. You can always learn or develop your technical skills, but passion and teamwork must be a part of you.