Transport and logistics

MMOYO offers bespoke transport and logistics solutions. We do not just handle your transport from point A to point B; we also install your equipment on-site at your request.

Every day of stalled production is one too many

MMOYO works to meet the customer’s requirements and therefore does not offer a standard range of services. We transport and install whatever the customer wants to have transported and installed. This may range from a few pallets to a huge batch of heavy-duty machines. We follow a precise plan and schedule, because every day a production unit is shut down is one too many. By minimising your period of inactivity, we safeguard your turnover.

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From transport to total solution

For some customers, our services focus on transportation only. We will always adhere to the arrangements and schedule. To MMOYO a promise is a promise.

However, most customers want a total solution. We will handle the paperwork, arrange the planning, set up the contacts with the end customer and we will dismantle, transport and install everything the customer requires. 

Based in Turnhout

MMOYO operates mainly in the Benelux and Germany. It is based in Turnhout, Belgium, which is right in the centre of its area of operations. MMOYO is close to the Netherlands, so it is very easy for us to reach Eindhoven, Breda and Rotterdam. We are located near a major motorway providing easy access to the cities of Antwerp, Brussels and Cologne as well as the Ruhr region and the rest of Germany.


What “MMOYO” stands for

Our philosophy