Logistic solutions

We like to see ourselves as a logistical extension of our customers’ operations.

We sell and deliver solutions, hence the caption with our logo: logistics solutions.

Logistic Solutions

Simply put your feet back under your desk and continue with your work

If customers want to move into a new office, they have enough on their plate already to be worrying about the logistics of it all. Customers often ask us to move and reinstall all their office equipment. MMOYO will do this with attention to every detail. When we are ready, the end customer’s staff will simply sit back down at their desks and continue their work.


Trust is something you build. We have known most of our customers for years and this creates a bond. They know they can count on MMOYO efficiency and discretion time and time again and that we will never let them down. Such references also allow us to inspire trust in new customers. 

Onze Mensen

Our people

MMOYO has an extensive vehicle fleet, but even more importantly great people. Our staff is well trained and has a lot of experience with complex assignments. Our customers notice this and they appreciate the money they save.

Who we are

The MMOYO team